Unique Vastu

Vastu Corrections using various Modalities and without changing any interior or walls or structure. All Vastu services and visit for your Home, Shop, Factory, Plot or any other Residential or Commercial places.


Total services related to Astrology right from making Kundli to Predictions, Gemstones, Semi Precious Stones, Crystals, Colors, Numerology and more all in Authentic Traditional ways and in Pure Traditional Style incorporated with Latest technologies.


In our Relationships most of the issues are created by miscommunication or lack of communication which lead to drastic effect or end of relationship. Counseling can resolve such issues and we provide best counseling services for any age group.... we also have special counseling for Kids n Parents which is the most crucial relationship and if not handled properly will lead to drastic negative effect of kids life.

Health Consultancy

Today we are living in not so good environment and our social and personal lifestyle has been changed a lot from our tradition hence it is highly required that we should remain healthy. Health Consultancy is for those who do not have any health issues but they might get in future so Prevention is better than cure... and we provide health consultancy for all age groups so they can enjoy good health with their lifestyle.