About Us

Dr Mitesh Dedhia is in the field of Health & Spirituality for more than 20 years. He done research on various Healing Power of various Natural Energies and Various Therapies for more than 12 years and holding a PhD on the same. Scientist Dr Mitesh Dedhia’s research has been acknowledged by Canterbury University – UK

Bhavika Dedhia – Dr Mitesh Dedhia’s wife is Naturopath and Yoga Therapist.

Dedhia Life Spa is a DreamBaby of Scientist Dr Mitesh Dedhia. We at Dedhia Life Spa Think that everyone on this planet should remain healthy and wealthy and hence we started Dedhia Life Spa which is directly in control of Dr Mitesh Dedhia and his wife Bhavika Dedhia. Studies of different modalities and energies is continues on at Dedhia Life Spa. We offer Training for various Modalities & Therapies, various Yoga courses, Various services which enhances life and help you to overcome your problems. We also offer specially formulated 100% Natural Health & Beauty Product made with natural ingredients and gives best results and without any side effects.

At Dedhia Life Spa, with the help of 100% Natural Therapies and without any side effects many Chronic and Lifestyle diseases are cured. Our Result oriented combination of Natural Therapies works wonders for Diabetes | Asthma | PCOD/PCOS | Thyroid | Osteoporosis | Cancer | Arthritis | Acne-Pimple | Dandruf and more....

We have a unique Weight Management Program designed for each individual specially. It is easy to follow Weight Loss Program and one of its kind as it is designed after Checking Nadi of that person. So It is an unique Weight Loss Program.